#2 Hire App Developer iPhone (Part 2)

by admin on December 24, 2012

After completing #2 Hire App Developer iPhone (Part 1), I went on to register myself on the following site:
-> Elance
-> Freelance
-> Odesk


This was the recommended platform to use by the App Empire group. This was also the first platform I used initially for about 1 week before I jump to other platforms. The developer that responded were okay but not to my expectation. One thing to note was that Odesk require you to put a value if you were going for a fixed cost project, therefore you must have some sort of gauge on how much it would cost.


#2 Hire App Developer iPhone (Part 1)

by admin on December 9, 2012

After you,
1) Set a blowing mindset for your app business
2) Deciding your business plan
3) Idea for mobile app
4) Preparing for your app business

You are ready to hire your first developer!!
When I was planning to hire my first developer I was pretty excited and a little worried I might hire some bad developer.
Basically what I did was to follow the steps highlighted by Chad Mureta from app empire (More information could be found here #2 iPhone Apps Business).


#2 Starting An App Business

by admin on December 2, 2012

Starting an app business is fun and do have its challenges as well.

I will be  discussing some of the steps that I felt would be tremendous time saver if you take them in the correct sequence.

1) Register your business account locally first as this might take several rounds of going back and forth with the authorities.
-> For me I registered for a LLP (Limited liability partnership).


#2 Idea For Mobile App

by admin on November 24, 2012

First of all I must emphasize the importance of following either a group of liked minded people or getting a mentor.
This will definitely reduce a lot of guessing work and help tremendously to push yourself forward faster.

Before joining the app empire group (read more about it here), I used to think it is very important to have a brilliant app idea in order to succeed or even to try to build your first app.


#2 Deciding your business plan…….

by admin on November 13, 2012

Before you start going crazy to build your first app, what I realised is that you need to focus on a business plan.


For myself I asked the following question:
1) Who am I targeting?
2) What do I intend to achieve?
After several discussion with my wife, we decided to target parents like ourselves and the objective is to build apps that are fun and it does not have to take too much brain power to use :)

Steps to Success

Nowadays the app store are getting more and more crowded so it will pose some difficulty to shine among your competitors or even to get someone to use your app.


#2 Learn How To Create An iPhone App

by admin on November 4, 2012

I wanted to build an app ever since I bought my iphone 3G way back in 2008.
So did I ever managed to get it started……..

Never, I put it off so many times and I think I borrowed the iphone apps development books more than once.

What is stopping me then?
My mindset!!

I gave myself too many reasons not to get started, below are some of the thoughts I had:

1) The Apps Store are too overcrowded with apps.

2) I have totally no clue what to build.


#1 Huge Challenges Ahead

by admin on August 1, 2012

Recent weeks were not so smooth sailing for me as I had several losing trades after my previous Sugar win #1.1 Second Sale For Sugar. This has definitely taken a  hit on my confidence level.
Nevertheless I thought of updating my progress for both my weekly options and futures options venture thus far.

Weekly options: -$337.46 (I could not show the exact details of the trades as they were given by a mentor from a course. #1 Weekly options on stocks)

Futures options: -$4174.67 (Trades taken as shown below)


#1.1 Second Sale For Sugar

by admin on July 25, 2012

My second trade was done in a pretty fast manner. 😀
I followed 3 steps:

1) Read the blog from Smart Passive Cashflow where he mentioned the opportunity for Sugar with a seasonal trend in play.

2) Read another blog post from Michael Gross of the Liberty Trading Group where he mentioned several fundamentals are in play as well.

3) Did a quick research on the past 5 years Sugar prices and found that the low is roughly around 10 cents and highest at 36 cents.

So what is my trade?


#2 iPhone Apps Business

by admin on June 3, 2012

APPRENEUR -> An apps entrepreneur, a person that profits from selling apps.

This were mentioned both in Chad Mureta’s blog and from Tim Ferriss’s (author of The 4-Hour Workweek) blog.

For the past 1 to 2 years, I have been very interested to get into starting an iPhone Apps.
However due to the initial difficulty in learning a new programming language, very tight competition and lots of other excuses :P, I did not pursue any further.

Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net


#1 Weekly options on stocks

by admin on May 27, 2012

Recently I attended a course on how to collect weekly fees by writing/selling weekly options (New to weekly options? More information can be found in the CBOE website).

This is quite a cool idea given the fact that you do not need to wait too long to see some cash flow.
The amount of returns are quite attractive and they are in the range of 3% to 5% weekly, which work out to be roughly over 100% returns per year.
Are you quite keen to know more already?? :p
But do note, there are definitely some risks associated with it and only risk funds should be used.