1) Lazy

2) Timid

3) Always thinking to get rich quick

The above three pointers basically sums who I am currently :D.

However by writing this blog I am aiming to achieve a different me.

Target 1) Hardworking

Target 2) Be more daring to try new things

Target 3) Not to set getting rich as a goal but rather family should always be my motivation to work harder

My name is Charles and I am currently staying in Singapore (a very small island in the South East Asia region). I am married with 2 beautiful daughters.
I am aiming to build a few stream of passive income in order to spend more time with my family without the worries of no income.

My Earlier Journey

It all started 12 years ago when I was 18 years old. I just did not want to get stuck in a 8 to 5 kind of job thus I talked to a very good friend of mine to start a business. It was a total failure as we only managed to build a site with no action thereafter. It was only after 2 years later then we managed to continue from where we have stopped with the help of another friend. We spent three years exploring into different areas and we did managed to see some profit coming in.

During this time I am also dating my girlfriend (my wife now :D) and was often neglecting the business plus at times I am pretty lazy :(. I often had arguments with my partners which I felt might be due to the fact that I was not placing too much effort in the business. It came to a point that I felt I am not ready mentally to start a business therefore I ended the partnership with my partners.

I went on to look for a 8 to 5 job thinking I might not be cut out for starting a business. For the next 5 to 7 years, I started a family and yes I went into the rat race!
It seems like it was almost impossible to get out as I have 2 kids, a house and my parents to take care of? Where can I can find any income to support them without a job………

Turning Point

My perception started to change during year 2011 Nov when my wife was informed that she will be retrenched. I felt I am left with no choice as if I am also retrenched what will happen to the income to support my family. I need to take some action. It was also quite coincidental that at this time I was being introduced a book called the “The Complete Guide to Option Selling” by James Cordier and Michael Gross by a good friend of mine. This started me to look for more information on option selling and while researching on iTunes podcast, I stumbled upon The Smart Passive Income podcast by Pat Flynn.

I was totally inspired by the selfless way Pat shares his story online which made me wanted to write down my journey into the exploration of any passive income stream and sharing it online as well. Hopefully there might be some take away points from my success or failure through my journey for any passive income stream for all the readers.

Stay tune, be cool and be healthy.

Yours Sincerely,

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