#2 Deciding your business plan…….

by admin on November 13, 2012

Before you start going crazy to build your first app, what I realised is that you need to focus on a business plan.


For myself I asked the following question:
1) Who am I targeting?
2) What do I intend to achieve?
After several discussion with my wife, we decided to target parents like ourselves and the objective is to build apps that are fun and it does not have to take too much brain power to use :)

Steps to Success

Nowadays the app store are getting more and more crowded so it will pose some difficulty to shine among your competitors or even to get someone to use your app.

Below list some of the strategies that I find useful:
1) Join a group (see which group I joined personally #2 iPhone Apps Business), I cannot emphasize how important and useful this is for building your apps.
–> Firstly, you learn so much faster with everyone sharing valuable apps information.
–> Secondly, the group can be a good starting point to promote each other apps.
2) Start by building several small apps that are on demand (I will discuss more on this the next post). This is to build up your audience that you have already identified earlier. Once you have a substantial amount of audience, then it is time to get really creative with your apps idea or even design to further grow your apps through your current audience network (eg. Facebook). This is somehow like building your own fan base with your objective in mind then providing valuable apps to them.

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