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by admin on November 24, 2012

First of all I must emphasize the importance of following either a group of liked minded people or getting a mentor.
This will definitely reduce a lot of guessing work and help tremendously to push yourself forward faster.

Before joining the app empire group (read more about it here), I used to think it is very important to have a brilliant app idea in order to succeed or even to try to build your first app.

However after joining this group, I realised one thing, it is not an unique app idea that is very important, it is the amount of demand.
Demand is the key here, you do what the market want and you will slowly get to where you want to be.

Research Your Way To Generate Your First App Idea!

Normally I will use iPad to perform the research due to portability and larger screen 😀
You could use itunes or iPhone to perform the research as well.

1) Go to the Top Free Apps, Top Paid Apps and Top Grossing Apps to look for at least top 200 apps to see any trends or demands in certain apps.
2) Ignore games apps first as it will be slightly difficult to get an audience by building a game. (Not much people will search for a particular kind of game compared to looking for a specific utility apps.)
3) Perform this for at least 2 to 3 weeks to see some pattern. You can even zoom into certain specific categories to look at the top free, grossing and paid.








For me I found that frame, photo kind of apps are always in demand and people like to frame their photos prior to share with their friends.
Especially with iPhone cameras getting better and better, framing or combining your photos on iPhone will become more and more popular.


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