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by admin on June 3, 2012

APPRENEUR -> An apps entrepreneur, a person that profits from selling apps.

This were mentioned both in Chad Mureta’s blog and from Tim Ferriss’s (author of The 4-Hour Workweek) blog.

For the past 1 to 2 years, I have been very interested to get into starting an iPhone Apps.
However due to the initial difficulty in learning a new programming language, very tight competition and lots of other excuses :P, I did not pursue any further.

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Recently I saw one email that promoted, now is the best time to start your own iPhone Apps business.
Wow, isn’t Apps store already flooded with tons of apps? I felt a bit skeptical but intrigued to find out more :P.

To answer the skeptical part, I found this here.

Intrigued to find out more as several top bloggers like Pat Flynn and Benny Hsu had been reporting their earnings from Apps store which was quite inspiring.

See for yourself

The email I mentioned had a very informative free 4 videos series. You can check them out at http://www.mypassiveincomejourney.com/AppsBusiness (Do note this is an affiliate link).
The email was promoting a new course initiated by Chad Mureta who made his millions from selling Apps.

Research time!!!!

After watching the videos, I was very excited and wanted to sign up for the course immediately but decided to do some research first.

The table above shows the number of iPhone sold per quarter since Jan 2009 and was retrieved from the investor site from Apple.
The number of iPhone users were estimated to be roughly 167 Million with the assumption made that most users should be using either iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S (highlighted in yellow).

The next thing I did was to check the amount of Apps available. It was roughly 585,000 as of 7 Mar 2012 (obtained from Wikipedia).

One thing good to note is that looking at the table you could easily observed that year 2012 saw a tremendous increased in iPhone being bought!

Some pointers that I came up with:

1) Year 2012 alone sold almost 50% of iPhones since the launch of iPhone 4. It would mean a spike in the number of users and definitely more users coming up. [Got room to develop new apps]
2) When you are commuting or having lunch or waiting somewhere, you can always see people taking their phones out to do something :D. [People are constantly expose to different apps]
3) New trend into mobile marketing. Definitely a lot of new stuff to learn as the smartphone trend continue to grow. [Good starting point to build on the marketing knowledge as the smartphone industry keep on growing and changing]
4) Apps are cheap to buy or even can be made free (easily integrated with several revenue generating tools like in apps purchase or ads). [People get bored with apps easily and new apps are coming and going everyday so no one app is holding on to the top spot forever]

1) iPhone might not be the primary smartphone down the road, other smartphone like Samsung Galaxy is very popular as well. [Have to expand into other mobile OS like Android, Balckberry, etc]
2) Is it too late to start now since Apps store started 4 years back? [I asked myself the same thing for internet boom, new bloggers that started 2 to 3 years ago (since internet started more than 10 years ago) can earn quite a nice sum of money, it is how long you can stay in the game]

Conclusion for the course?

1) Able to get some queries or doubts answered to shorten the whole trial and error process as if you were to do it on your own.
2) Network with other liked minded people to grow together.

1) Quite expensive……
2) Still have the worry that apps store is too crowded.

Nevertheless after several days of consideration, I decided to take the course and see how it goes. 😀
I will be treating this like a normal course to upgrade myself in the mobile marketing arena. You don’t try you never know.

Have you also made the same choice as myself or you have some other views on setting up an Apps business, please feel free to comment :D.

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Lisa June 6, 2012 at 1:56 am

Apps are difficult to build on your own, but you could always sell your idea to an app builder.

I don’t think it is too late to jump in the game. If you have a quality product and market it the right way, people will use it. That is why business is about improving something that already exists.


admin June 6, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Hi Lisa,

Well said :D, most probably I will be outsourcing the whole programming part and I have sign up for the Chad Mureta course and hope with the help of a mentor I can skip some guessing work.



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