#2 Learn How To Create An iPhone App

by admin on November 4, 2012

I wanted to build an app ever since I bought my iphone 3G way back in 2008.
So did I ever managed to get it started……..

Never, I put it off so many times and I think I borrowed the iphone apps development books more than once.

What is stopping me then?
My mindset!!

I gave myself too many reasons not to get started, below are some of the thoughts I had:

1) The Apps Store are too overcrowded with apps.

2) I have totally no clue what to build.

3) I need to have the next great angry bird to start off.

4) Worried that there will be zero ROI.

5) I need to be very skillful in iphone development in order to start.

Instead I should have FOCUSED on one reason to get started.

“I am creative enough to find ways and means to build my iphone app”

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