#2 Starting An App Business

by admin on December 2, 2012

Starting an app business is fun and do have its challenges as well.

I will be  discussing some of the steps that I felt would be tremendous time saver if you take them in the correct sequence.

1) Register your business account locally first as this might take several rounds of going back and forth with the authorities.
-> For me I registered for a LLP (Limited liability partnership).

2) Once the business account had been successfully registered, sign up to get your DNB number for your business.
There are 2 ways to get your DNB:
FREE: Register your apple developer account and there will be a place where you could request for your DNB number for free.
PAID: You can pay DNB to get your number faster. For more information you can look here.
-> For me I initially request for the free DNB number and it took quite a while (Roughly 15 days) for them to get back saying that they could not verify. Thereafter I decided to pay roughly SGD$37.45 to save all the hassle. The response was almost immediate once I submitted the form. (Tip: If you require it urgently go for the paid option.)
**Note: Do note even though you got your DNB number, the time it takes for DNB to update Apple database requires roughly 30 days for my case.

3) Sign up for your apple developer account to start reading up on announcements and what kind of apps are allowed.

4) Start signing up with the different app ads network and tools, for me I used the following:
i) iAd -> Enable it from your iTunes Connect
ii) Admob
iii) AdWhirl
iv) Urban Airship
v) Flurry
vi) Chartboost

iAd and Admob are just ads network to earn you some additional income.

AdWhirl allows you to integrate different ads network to your apps. It serves as a placeholder for you to choose which ads network to use. Very useful as changing ads network is fast and does not require any code changes once your app is live in the app store.

Urban Airship allows push notification to your app users. This is especially important if you have any useful information to share with your network of users eg. promoting new apps or any promotion you are having.

Flurry helps you to keep track of your app’s usage pattern.

Chartboost allow interstitial ads or allow you to integrate more apps functionality (Cross promoting other apps or your own apps) into your apps.

While you focus on all these steps mentioned here, do remember on the importance of what I discussed earlier:
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