#2 Hire App Developer iPhone (Part 2)

by admin on December 24, 2012

After completing #2 Hire App Developer iPhone (Part 1), I went on to register myself on the following site:
-> Elance
-> Freelance
-> Odesk


This was the recommended platform to use by the App Empire group. This was also the first platform I used initially for about 1 week before I jump to other platforms. The developer that responded were okay but not to my expectation. One thing to note was that Odesk require you to put a value if you were going for a fixed cost project, therefore you must have some sort of gauge on how much it would cost.

What I did was I used google to search for the following term “site:odesk.com frame app” since my app was a frame app. Based on some research I came to a rough figure of $1000 USD.


Personally I do not really like the look and feel of the freelance website and how the bidding system works. I did managed to post but the response for developer was not quite ideal for my case.


This was the last site I used to look for a developer and to my surprise I found that the Elance system works quite okay. They had a escrow system whereby you do not pay directly to the developer, you released the fund to Elance and they will pay on your behalf once you were satisfied. Another thing that I like was that they do not require you to put in a value if you were going for a fixed cost project.

Tips: You could actually post here first to get a rough gauge of the kind of cost for your app then continue with other platforms! 😀

My Selection Process For Hiring The App Developer

-> Number one thing to note: Do not rush the hiring process, take your time to look for someone you could work closely with.

-> Once you shortlisted a few, ask them on skype to chat or talk to them.
What I did mostly was to type on skype rather than voice chat with them (Still got a mental block on speaking with developer :D). However I did managed to speak to roughly 3 of the developers which definitely felt good and easier to select. Therefore I would strongly recommend to speak to them.
Some of the questions that I asked:
1) How long have you been developing apps?
2) How many apps have you worked on before?
3) Mostly what kind of apps?
4) Possible to take a quick look if you might have a website?
5) What are your working hours for the apps?
6) The frequency for an update, is it daily as I would prefer either daily or constant communication every time you reached a milestone?
7) Is the quote fixed or can negotiate further once I reveal more on my apps idea?
8) Possible to have a fixed quote?
9) What are your payment terms?
10) What is the biggest issue you have with clients? This is so we can have a good understanding first.
11) Do you have a team? What are their skills?
12) Can I check their graphics work or any games animation?
13) Anyone to take over if you are sick?
14) Do your team post apps on the apps store?
15) How to ensure we don’t compete with each other?
16) Warranty for apps? I would like at least 1 month of warranty.

-> Removed those individual developer but kept those that have some designing skills as well (based on their portfolio).
As I discussed earlier #2 Hire App Developer iPhone (Part 1) that the objective was to look for a team of developer and designer with a project manager to oversea the project for you.

-> I did went to source for some app development company using Elance search function and contacted them directly. Basically what I did was to look at their portfolio and see any similar photo frame apps they had done. This took a while but most of them either got back saying not free or too expensive.

-> In the end I went with a company that provided a requirements specification documents and detailing all the man day cost for each individual items which I felt was quite good. They quoted me cost for Andriod store, iPad version as well. Their cost was not the cheapest but their graphics looks quite good to me. Furthermore they were still quite new to Elance so they require good feedback.

Some additional Tips I learnt from the App Empire Group:
– Do not write a description that are too stringent, make it as simple as possible to attract more people to bid for your apps development.
– When you select the skill set required, select as little as possible. For example select ‘iphone-development’ to get to as many developers as possible to see your posting.

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